Hi, I am a Gustavo.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my home!

I am a husband in love, blessed father of two little girls, family son, friend of my friends and a photographer with all my heart.

For me life is about moments and I think that the best moments should be photographed to be kept as memories, many times memories are what move us in life and give us essence.

As a Photographer...

My passion is to take pictures that go straight to your heart without going through your head, photos that fall in love with and stay with them forever.

My vision...

Photos with no poses, in a natural way. Capturing love, taking a image, freezing the moment. No perfect picture, just the beauty fo the moment.

Your wedding day...

If you want to remember forever every special detail, every moment, every emotion of one of the most important days of your life, I will be emotionally fully involved in your wedding, it will not be a wedding anymore, it will be a unique and special wedding.

“The heart and the mind are the true lens of the camera”

See real lovers, real love stories...